Customized software development services


The service from our dedicated team can solve your project problems, build a mobile application that can automatically complete all tasks, and complete digital transformation through our on-site IT consulting. OVIVAS TECHNOLOGIES' software development services use of the latest technology to help you achieve your IT goals within today's demanding deadlines.

Content of services

Mobile application

Mobility will help your business simplify operations, bring value to demanding modern customers, and help you deal with big data.

Enterprise application

Take advantage of our ten years of expertise in enterprise software development, API integration, legacy system modernization, and integrated application portfolio.

UI/UX design

We create attractive and responsive user interfaces with attractive designs and engaging user experiences.


As a software approach to establish close collaboration between software engineers and IT operations employees, DevOps will help you achieve this goal by automating and optimizing IT processes.

Test quality assurance

Quality assurance services will help you establish specific control of the product life cycle, monitor each development stage, and provide you with accurate product quality information.

IT consultancy

Our strategic IT consulting will help you automate and digitize operations, optimize software product portfolios and implement the latest technologies.

Strategic product definition

From building a "future vision" that changes the industry to determining the correct function of your mobile product, we provide a viable strategic approach for each stage of the product. Our mobile strategy puts users first and to discover unique ideas for user satisfaction while meeting your business and market goals.

User-centric research

It's important to ask for user input, but that's just part of our research.. We went beyond questions and answers to develop the entire journey map, so we understand the needs, desires and frustration of your users. This is how we identify opportunities to provide services to them.

Business and market insight

The entire market is waiting for your product. We understand the past, present and future of your market by maintaining the latest trends and analyst insights. This allows us to create distinctive products that will make your company stand out from the competition.

Innovation Lab

Most business leaders agree that the success of their company depends on successful innovation, only to realize that their conception process is more an art than a science. Our innovation service helps partners generate and evaluate new ideas through a results-driven approach.