Professional development team

Reduce IT costs and expand projects by using the talents of our independent teams or internal teams. Explore our expertise and create a production environment through effective cooperation and high loyalty.

Application development

We create reliable software solutions to achieve business goals and optimize processes for SMEs and large enterprises. Our technical expertise ensures the development of robust systems that will make your company more agile, increase productivity and enhance the customer experience.


Mobile application development

We enable companies to reach customers and create personalized user experiences anytime, anywhere. Our knowledge and expertise in mobile application development allows us to develop compelling products and attract users. Our team strives for excellence in every project, from the smallest viable product to complex mobile applications with third-party integration.

Content of services

Peek at our expanding service offerings.

Mobile application

Mobility will help your business simplify operations, bring value to demanding modern customers, and help you deal with big data.

Enterprise application

Take advantage of our ten years of expertise in enterprise software development, API integration, legacy system modernization, and integrated application portfolio.


As a software approach to establish close collaboration between software engineers and IT operations employees, DevOps will help you achieve this goal by automating and optimizing IT processes.

Test quality assurance

Quality assurance services will help you establish specific control of the product life cycle, monitor each development stage, and provide you with accurate product quality information.

UI/UX design

We create attractive and responsive user interfaces with attractive designs and engaging user experiences.

IT consultancy

Our strategic IT consulting will help you automate and digitize operations, optimize software product portfolios and implement the latest technologies.

Why choose OVIVAS?

  • Full stack service
  • Smart and intuitive user experience
  • Pioneering application with first-class functions
  • Technology to promote the development of the industry
  • Outstanding top talent
  • Professional teams all over the world