Software solutions for major industries

As a trusted custom software development company in Singapore, we use industry best practices to provide our customers with powerful, secure and scalable software development services. With years of domain expertise, we have successfully used advanced concepts to provide companies with multiple software solutions. In addition, our full-time software developers have an average experience of more than 5 years in creating custom software solutions.

Quality assurance

We believe that we can do it right every time and this is why our quality assurance and production teams work separately. We conduct a comprehensive and strict quality inspection on all projects. We can also check third-party products to ensure that you get the desired results.

Business analysis

Before start designing products, we always talk to customers to understand their needs. Our team can analyze the functionality of your project, business logic, software architecture and future user solutions. We will sweat a lot for small things so that you can focus on the big picture.

Modernization of legacy software

OVIVAS provides a service that can use cutting-edge new technologies and efficient custom software systems to update or replace your outdated old systems, we will greatly improve your business efficiency.

Utilize resource

Every OVIVAS customer works with a team of carefully selected experts. From conception to implementation, we can use your existing resources or become your new IT team.


Provide innovative solutions across mobile, cloud, big data and Internet of Things for industries

Media and Entertainment

Entertainment and gaming applications, multi-screen streaming, etc.

We provide a complete web and mobile application development solution for the media and entertainment industry.

Retail and e-commerce

Improve efficiency and internal processes

Our dynamic IT solutions can help companies respond to the growing demand in the retail and e-commerce industries.

Education and e-learning

LMS,Web-based training and online course management

Shift from the traditional learning system to the modern learning era through our advanced education and online learning services

Logistics and transportation

Vehicle, traffic management and scheduling software

Our results oriented software development services for logistics and transportation maximize ROI and effectively manage daily workflow.

Banking and Financial Services

Continue to maintain cost leadership, improve efficiency and agility

We provide customized and reliable banking and financial software development services to achieve sustained low cost, higher operational efficiency and agility.

Independent software developer and product company

Complete web and mobile application development solutions.

Our efficiency in offshore product development and rich methods provide customers with high value solutions.

We serve multiple industries around the world。

We help our customers at any stage of their business or software development - from start-ups in the ideation stage to midsize and large enterprises, regardless of their industry.