Managed Network Firewall

Through our partnerships with leading Firewall vendors, Can help you manage anti-virus, anti-malware, intrusion prevention systems, and more! By today's standards, these cannot be neglected for the health of your business.

Managed Web Application Firewall

The Web Application Firewall (WAF) is a critical layer of protection specifically tailored to guard your front-facing web applications from layer 7 attacks. These threats include SQL injection, cross site scripting, cookie attacks, ddos attacks and botnets.

Security Testing Services

Penetration testing is a high impact method of security testing that targets your organisation's IT infrastructure and applications to discover security vulnerabilities. Penetration tests are simulated attacks with the specific goal of breaking through your security.

Security Hardening and Consultation

With security hardening, our team of experts assist you in the identification and maintenance of essential programs and utilities which will greatly reduce the probability of unauthorized access into your infrastructure/applications.

Enterprise DDoS Attack Protection

Advanced DDoS protection is designed to instantly protect everything on your cloud and on-premise networks from DDoS attacks.
Block large scale DDoS attacks:Protecting web applications and network infrastructures at scale.
Near instant DDoS mitigation: Global anti-DDoS network provides intelligent and automated DDoS detection at the edge, mitigating DDoS attacks under 3 seconds.
Global DDoS mitigation leader For multi-cloud, public cloud, and private cloud.
Flat, transparent pricing:Regardless of the scale or frequency of the attack, pay only what you need to.